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Walter M. Clark

Paul, and everyone,

It may be (probably is) a case of God takes care of fools but when I
started building resin kits about a dozen years ago I never even
thought about washing them before assembly. While I would like to
change some of the lettering on those first few, courtesy of what I've
learned here, none of the parts have even started to look or feel a
little loose. The one thing I did different to anything else I've
seen here was mix a little five minute epoxy to anchor the running
boards. My thumb-fingered lack of coordination coupled with inherited
essential tremor makes it impossible for me to get those things to
hold still while I apply that tiniest bit of ACC.

Walter M. Clark
Time stopped in November 1941
Riverside, California

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I totally agree with you that there is no need to spend money on
"resin prep" voodoo mixtures. I personally like something a little
stronger than dish detergent for the initial pre-assemble "scrub", but
it will certainly work. If using dish detergent, I caution those
following this tread that it needs to be one of the ones with no added
oils like original Dawn. Dawn is what I use as the final wash prior to

Bruce, I did not mean to be critical of yours and Jim's approach,
just I think it is best to teach folks how to drive with both hands on
the steering wheel--they will find what is comfortable to them soon

Paul Lyons
Laguna NIguel, CA

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Jim, Bruce,

I understand sanding the "flat pieces" first and dressing the
edges to be
glued with a file. All of us experienced builders do those
assembly steps,
but that is only a small part of putting a resin kit together. If
you are
not cleaning the mould release agent off, what are you doing to
assure a
good bond of the surfaced applied parts, i.e. ladders, handbrake
brake step platform supports, etc?
Paul, et al.,

Maybe ACC works differently here? (I say that only slightly in jest,
that humidity is a critical component for ACC and Paul lives in
and I in Alabama, where I have no doubt that the relative humidities
differ more than slighly). I really have no problem with ladders etc.
When things start to fail to stick, I find that it is time for a
bottle of
fresh ACC.

I guess I would agree that washing parts beforehand, especially for
a new
kit builder, certainly isn't going to hurt anything (if you're careful
<G>) and may help. However, I would also say that there is no reason to
go out and spend money on "resin prep" voodoo when simple dish detergent
will work just fine ;^)


Bruce Smith
Auburn, Al (currently very wet, but NOT snowy!)

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