Re: NYC Steel Boxcars, New Models?


This gentleman is 100% correct. No wonder these plastic models are being done with all the wrong measurement in them.
Thank you
Larry Jackman
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On Apr 16, 2007, at 2:19 PM, Charlie Vlk wrote:

I don't think that 3D Cad images are a substitute for preproduction samples or pilot models.
They do allow the proofing of design concepts and go a long way in catching any proportion issues before committing to tooling.
I am afraid, however, that some builders think that looking at a general arrangement 2D projection of the 3D file and a few selected
3D jpegs is enough for an importer to make final approval for production.
If it were MY money on the line I would insist on being able to view the full 3D file on my own computer to verify all details and dimensions of all
components prior to authorizing tooling. Test shots or (in the case of Brass) are still necessary to check out final fit and finish issues
prior to production. Fully decorated shells, at least for each paint job, are also necessary as final paint and printing colors, alignment
issues, etc.. are very hard and expensive to get corrected after production has started.
Charlie Vlk
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No, providing a viewable SolidWorks (or other 3D CAD file) image in
lieu of an physical model is now a legitimate, advanced design

Tom Madden

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