Model design (Was: NYC Steel Boxcars)

pullmanboss <tgmadden@...>

This gentleman is 100% correct. No wonder these plastic models
are being done with all the wrong measurement in them.
Thank you
Larry Jackman
Larry, you were absolutely right in your earlier post on this topic,
pointing out that A.T. Kott was talking about brass models and my
comments wouldn't apply in that case. I had fixated on his
SolidWorks remark and completely missed that point. But the time to
correct dimensions on plastic models, now that they're the subject
of discussion, is _before_ the tool is cut. Getting it right is the
shared responsibility of the designer and the client and has to be
part of the design process.

Charlie Vlk said it much better than I:
If it were MY money on the line I would insist on being able to
view the full 3D file on my own computer to verify all details and
dimensions of all components prior to authorizing tooling.
That's what I was trying to get to. A SolidWorks _drawing_, to me is
a static JPEG. Nice to look at, but not useful for design
verification. You (designer and client) need the fully manipulatable
3D file in order to validate the design. That's not what a lot of us
are used to but, in the case of plastic models, it's a heck of a lot
cheaper and faster than recutting a bad tool. Just ask InterMountain
(PFE R-40-10), Branchline (40' boxcar) and Red Caboose (PFE R-30-

Thanks for keeping us honest and on our toes, Larry. Sometime I
bristle at your remarks, but I know they are based on long
experience and a desire to keep the rest of us grounded in reality.

Tom Madden

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