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There are several excellent shots of ancient Wabash
box cars here --
I also photographed the five Ex-Wabash cars in Noblesville in July
2001. They were located at the south part of town on the old NKP.
One is also in the Indiana Railroad museum north of town which they
may be repainting. Cars included 17179 (end door), 47619, 17???,
47181 and 47194. The 47947 is at the museum in Monticello, Ill. I
believe the cars survived because they spent many years on the Alcoa
property in Lafayette, Ind. being used for storage and moving
material between buildings. I took over two dozen detail photos of
the cars. The Jan. 1958 ORER shows 2335 cars including 578 cars in
the 47000 - 47999 series. 272 of the end door cars in the 17000 -
17299 series were listed. By Jan 1964, only ten cars remained in all
series plus 21 of the end door 17000 series cars which were assigned
to aluminum pipe loading.

As Richard H. mentioned, the cars were still being used in the late
1950's, into the early 60's. One car at Noblesville had an IDT date
of LA 6-18-62 ATSF RY. The car at Monticello had a date of 8-28-59

Chet French

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