Re: Tichy USRA Boxcar and B&O M-24 subclasses

benjaminfrank_hom <b.hom@...>

Jim Mischke asked:
"I have some questions about modeling B&O M-24 boxcar subclasses.

How is the Tichy USRA single sheath boxcar kit as a B&O class M-24?"

Depends on your era. Out of the box, the Tichy model would be good
for cars as built for B&O from 1919 to the mid-1930s, when these
cars were rebuilt with new roofs.

"I vaguely remember somebody mentioning the model has 17 roof
panels, the protoype 14. Or vice versa."

Both the prototype as built and the model have 14 panels.

"Was the difference an aftermarket roof application?"

During the 1930s, several roads including B&O, PRR, C&O, WM, N&W,
and D&H rebuilt their USRA SS boxcars with aftermarket roofs.
According to Al Westerfield, the B&O used roofs from several
different vendors, including Hutchins, which is modeled by his kit

Ben Hom

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