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Richard Hendrickson

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> So, what road names for the Proto2K Mather boxcar are correct???

Jim, I don't know about them all. The Muncie and ACY cars may be
correct for some periods. I want to backdate some one 1929 and the ACY
and Muncie versions are not right for '29.
As with other Proto 2000 models, all of the P/L schemes on the Mather
box cars are correct for some period in history (though not necessarily
the same period). There is, however, a problem with the models
themselves because the Mather box cars leased to AC&Y and MWR were
slightly taller than those leased to most other RRs and therefore the
models are not entirely accurate for those two RRs.

More to the point, the years during which various RRs leased cars from
Mather varied, and most of Mather's leased box cars weren't built (or
rebuilt from stock cars) until ca. 1931-'32. The PH&D did, however,
lease 400 40'4" IL box cars from Mather beginning in the late 1920s.
That's the good news. The bad news is that I'm not aware of any photos
showing the PH&D's Mather box cars ca. 1929, so there's no way to know
whether the lettering was the same as the '40s/'50s vintage lettering
applied to the models.

Richard Hendrickson

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