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Chet, the New Haven cars were 30000-32999 inclusive. The first
1,000 were built by PSC, the others by PS. I think the roster info
can be found on Ted's web site.

Be careful about those Wabash cars -- some of them were postwar
cars with 3/4 improved dreadnaught ends, e.g. WAB #60207. I don't
know if that's an ex-NH car or not...

Records show the cars purchased from the NH in 1962. The Wabash must
have renumbered them randomly as the 60004 shows a built date of 10-
44 with 3/4 IDE's and the 60507 also built in 10-44 with 4/5 ends.
The NJI&I also received 300 cars numbered 1400 - 1699. Most photos I
have of the cars are with 4/5 ends.

Chet French

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