Re: Sheetrock by Rail

Ed Hawkins

On Apr 18, 2007, at 7:35 AM, Don Worthy wrote:

Hey fellows, I didn't think that "sheetrock" was around in the 40s or
even the early 50s. Here in the south, homes were still using the
plastered walls and ceilings. Also, during the 50s many homes and
company buildings were using beautiful "real" wood paneling.
So, I'm wondering "when" did "sheetrock" become a wide spread
product?? I have a feeling that it came around in the 60s. I know the
Kaolin companies made big advances in their field and Kaolin (chalk)
is 90% of sheetrock.
Don Worthy
Missouri Pacific was one railroad that converted a number of 53'-6"
flat cars by adding bulkheads for the transport of plasterboard. I
believe plasterboard and sheet rock are two names for the same product.

More specifically in 1955 the I-GN converted 14 flat cars in the
8500-8599 series for plasterboard service. Five more cars in this
series were converted by MoPac circa 1960 to bring the total of
converted cars to 19. The ORER lists the individual car numbers in
notes. I've seen photos of other cars during the 1950s that were
similarly converted.
Ed Hawkins

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