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Yes it does but the AT&SF seemed to be full of
these oddball ideas. If you take a three bay
GA-122, remove the hoppers and replace with
lengthwise doors and build up or borrow flat car
ends, that model on e-bay is what you are going
to end up with.

Somewhere I have photos of their attempt to reduce
the wind resistance of modern coal hoppers by
putting bonnets over the open end areas. The test
process even included a locomotive with a boom
sticking out about 30' forwards to put wind
measurement instruments.

The purpose built 1963 B-L-H cars are odd enough
in themselves. I don't know what their center of
gravity was but it must have been rather high.

Russ Strodtz

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Russ I think you are right that the prototype car was built for
copper concentrates. SP had some really weird looking cars
built around the same time period for that commodity. That
model of a hopper car on a flat car body just looks silly IMO!

Tim O'Connor

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