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We are getting way out of scope here. Roofed coal gons, not
hoppers belonged to Big Stone Power. Those covers have been
removed. Motivation was different. The Montana Sub-Bituminous
is very fine and they were trying to prevent losing coal to
the wind going across the prairie. The arms on the roofs were
designed to work with a modified dumper. They limited the
roof's travel. Cars are still in service today without the


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Could these be the prototype in question?

# Ga-168 Hopper Cars Series 76700-76999 built 1969 longitudinal
# Ga-170 Hopper Cars Series 64025-64038 built 1969 copper
concentrate service

Milwaukee also tried the wind resistance idea -- they built
hoppers designed
with a top that was mechanically closed as the train slowly
rolled. The cars had
these big 'arms' sticking up IIRC.


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> Tim,
> Yes it does but the AT&SF seemed to be full of
> these oddball ideas. If you take a three bay
> GA-122, remove the hoppers and replace with
> lengthwise doors and build up or borrow flat car
> ends, that model on e-bay is what you are going
> to end up with.
> Somewhere I have photos of their attempt to reduce
> the wind resistance of modern coal hoppers by
> putting bonnets over the open end areas. The test
> process even included a locomotive with a boom
> sticking out about 30' forwards to put wind
> measurement instruments.
> The purpose built 1963 B-L-H cars are odd enough
> in themselves. I don't know what their center of
> gravity was but it must have been rather high.
> Russ Strodtz
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> Russ I think you are right that the prototype car was built
> copper concentrates. SP had some really weird looking cars
> built around the same time period for that commodity. That
> model of a hopper car on a flat car body just looks silly
> Tim O'Connor

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