Re: Sheetrock by Rail

Jeff English

Having been at Rome's house last night, I can vouch for his vintage
sheet rock. My own house, built in 1877, was partially remodeled circa
1926-29 and in those areas the sheet rock has paper labels on the back
that hint at having been printed in 1924.

Jeff English
Troy, New York
(where some residents are still not proud enough to come right out and
say they're from Troy, resorting to the vague phrase "in the Albany, NY

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Don Worthy <don_worthy@> wrote:

Hey fellows, I didn't think that "sheetrock" was around in the 40s
or even the early 50s...

My house is in the Albany, NY area, was built in 1941, as well as the
rest of the houses in our neighborhood, and they all have sheetrock
walls. My grandfather's house in Vermont was built in 1955, he was a
finish carpenter and used sheetrock on all the walls. However, my
parents house, also in Vermont, was built in 1903, and used the
plaster and lath technique.

Rome Romano

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