Re: Athearn C&NW 65 ft mill gon

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Tim O'Connor writes:

"Maybe they chose to cater to (gasp!) the post-transition era?? After all many
modelers like those 1960's cars (incredible as it may seem!)"

Well, I suppose it might be incredible to some that "1960's cars" are liked. Personally, it doesn't surprise me at all. However, my guess is that most of the 1949 built cars [ 132001-132099 ] existed in the '60's and probably later than that. Soooo, doing the 132001-132099 class would be useful for both steam era AND post steam era modelers. Doing the 95000-95199 class simply means that someone modeling prior to 1958 would have no use for it. And that's why I left one in my local hobby shop today. Could I renumber it? Certainly. But I have about 400 other cars waiting to be serviced and I decided adding one more might cause a collapse of the railroad room.

Mike Brock

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