Re: PFE 12, R-30-2-13 / hooks on side sill

Roger J Miener <Roger.Miener@...>

Guy Wilber responds ...

The hooks were available to hold the journal box lids open for
service and/or
a "hotbox". A cord, rope or wire was strung between the lid and the
Well I'll be darned. I, like Larry Jackman, have never seen a journal
box lid that wasn't sprung to stay open when that was desired. I now
wonder if other freightcars of that vintage might have been fitted
with these hooks and that I have just never noticed. I also wonder
who the bright bulb was who came up with the idea of the over-center
spring arrangement that kept journal box lids snapped firmly closed or
open - as the case may be.

The hooks are still present on the R. H. McFarland photo of 36171
(ca. 1937).

Prodded by your comment and aided by a bright light, I took another
look and, sure enough, the hooks are there.

Unless Tony Thompson has more to add on this subject, I suppose that
Guy's response has taken Tony off the hook.

Roger Miener
at Tacoma WA

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