Re: PFE 12, R-30-2-13 / hooks on side sill

Bill Kelly

These hooks were called "Hot Box Cooler Hooks". They were on SP's cars
built from about 1912 till around 1942 or so. They were also on UP's cars
and probably other Harriman influenced cars. They are called by this name
when shown on car drawings. The cooler was a small water tank and hose.
These coolers were nicknamed "keelies" maybe for someone named Keely, the
inventor? For an example of one in use see _Railroad Model Craftsman_
March 1995, page 14. The photo is of SP caboose number 5 with a keely on
the hooks above the front truck. There's no doubt that people found many
other uses for these hooks but the hot box cooler was the intended use.

Bill Kelly

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