Re: PFE 12, R-30-2-13 / hooks on side sill

Guy Wilber

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<< These hooks were called "Hot Box Cooler Hooks". They were on SP's cars
built from about 1912 till around 1942 or so. They were also on UP's cars
and probably other Harriman influenced cars. They are called by this name
when shown on car drawings. The cooler was a small water tank and hose.
These coolers were nicknamed "keelies" maybe for someone named Keely >>


Weren't keelies used for adding lubricants to the journal box? Or, were they
strictly used with water for cooling? Did the water run over the box or what?

Thanks for the clarification and I apologize for my mis-leading information
regarding the use of the hooks. I have heard many talk about the hooks as I
describe, and am discovering (more and more) those opinions to be a lousy

Kindest Regards,

Guy Wilber
Sparks, Nevada

PS The only photos that I have seen with the cans in place are those of SP
cabooses. Most are upon cabooses still equipped with arch bar trucks.

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