Re: Steam Shack MIA?


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Jim Pasquill asked:
"Anyone know if the Steam Shack is operating? I've tried to order
no response after 10 days."

Did you try the phone number listed at their website?

Ben, I may be a baby boomer who should be more comfortable using a
phone than I am with email and could have just as easily called.
However, as someone that runs several businesses I have to ask why
someone would have a website and email for their business if they
don't plan to answer the resulting emails? When I got no reponse I
wondered if the guy is ill and not answering, on hiatus from the
business, on an extended vacation, or any number of other things that
can interupt cottage industries. I just thought I find out from the
guys in the know here before I waste a long distance call or bother
someone that doesn't want to be bothered. -Jim Pasquill

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