Re: Keeley cans (hooks on side sill)

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Go look at any Shays in rigourous service, say Cass for instance. All
of the engines have been fitted with small diameter piping with a series
of petcocks and small lines extending vertically over every bearing in
the crank. Normal procedure when working hard is to check bearing
temperatures regularly when taking water or oiling around, and if
they're running the least bit warm the petcock is opened and a small
stream of water is allowed to run over the journal housing while the
engine is working to keep them from getting hot enough for the grease or
other lubricants to break down. (And yes I am a mechanical engineer, as
well as a licensed Professional Engineer in 3 states including WV, and
have put thermocouples on many of those bearings and that small stream
of water does cool the lubricant dramatically!)

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