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I model Union Pacific's Park City Branch in 1942 with the D&RGW also serving Park City and the Park City Consolidate Mine.

I was a little concerned about the flow of information but I am modeling a branchline so I know what the industries were so I can come to a pretty good conclusion about what types of cars they were receiving and shipping. I have also been studying some photos from right before the war and basing my rollingstock roster on that. I am working on the assumption, based on research, that the shipments in and out would have still been the same because life continued even though the war was going on. Of course, I have removed the shipment of automobiles and increased the shipment of scrap metal from old mining equipment which was gathered up to support the war effort. Mining in my area being modeled continued at lower levels so I assumed they would still need supplies such as lumber and other machinery. Farming in my area would have also continued as people needed to eat so I will have a load of John Deere tractors for delivery.

For me it works. When it comes to a mainline and what was being shipped when and where, I am with you in that it might be difficult to find information. Might vary on a case by case basis.

Brian Chapman <cornbeltroute@...> wrote:
Jason's question about auto box cars in WW2 triggered a question or
two in my mind, maybe some here can help with.

Are there many individuals who model this period? If not, is it partly
because of security at the time suppressing information flow and

It's such a powerful era historically, I've begun to consider more and
more this period as a modeling subject. But, because it was wartime,
maybe information about traffic flow, car loads and such would prove
highly difficult to research.

I wonder, too, how much the railroad industry changed during those
years, 1942-45. Hard to imagine certain changes -- upgrades -- did not
occur out of a forced necessity. For instance, increased traffic, did
it require signaling improvements on certain routes?

Anyone know of specific resources for modeling the World War II
period? Books, for instance? Is there a Yahoo modeling group focused
on these years?

Thank you much,


Brian Chapman
Evansdale, Iowa


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