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I suggest you pick up the July 2004 Railroad Model Craftsman. Ted
Culotta wrote one of his "Essential Freight Car" installments on the
USRA SS cars. It has a lot of useful information on these cars, and
how to model them. I have an assembled Tichy kit, waiting for paint,
and for me to order decals from Westerfield. Personally, I'm going
with Milwaukee Road decals.
Are there any inaccuracies I can fix before I paint? Al says there
are a dozen or so, which is enough that I don't think they can all be
fixed. At least the decals will be right!
Dean Payne

Thanks. Actually I've been a subscriber to RMC since 1969 and have all
the issues going back to 53. However, it's only recently that I've
paid much attention to this facet of the hobby. "At least the
decals will be right" is good enough for me on this one model. I'll
buy one of Al's next. In Maine two-foot modeling we still do not have
accurate decals despite the fact that there are only a few roads to
try to replicate. We can never get the right combination of skill,
finances, and access to actual lettering to the job done. So I'm,
perhaps too used to compromising in my modeling. I'm enjoying very
much the desire among many here to set the "gold standard", and will
find pleasure in trying to reach that standard. However, there will be
times when I will choose to have it just look right to 99.99 percent
of other modelers. In other words I don't mind if once in a while
only I and a few on this list will know the difference! ;)
-Jim Pasquill

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