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Dean Payne wrote:

This photo was indeed taken in 1939; however, PY&A 1818 was no
longer in revenue service by this time. This car was one of a group
of historically significant locomotives, passenger cars, and freight
cars restored or replicated (e.g. Camden & Amboy John Bull and
coaches, not to be confused with the original in the Smithsonian) by
the Pennsylvania Railroad in the late 1930s for display at the 1939-
40 Worlds Fair.

Ben is correct. However, the reconstruction of 1939 has some significant errors versus the as-built car. First, the built date and place of building are incorrect. Second, the lettering on the end is not correct. Third, the stake pockets are not original but a heavier, later design and the stakes are larger than original to match the pockets. Finally, the original had iron sheeting on the slope sheet sheets and cover plates (although some cars had it removed and some may have been built without sheeting - records are incomplete). Also, the trucks on the car as built were 35-ton 5' wheelbase rather than the 50-ton 5'6" shown. Over the years most cars were upgraded with 50-ton trucks. - Al Westerfield

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