Re: Help needed to ID brass caboose importer & model

RICH NUNN <flyingtigers_nunn@...>

Dear Steve:

Tell me about the cupola. As you are probably aware, GN cabooses, both steel and wood, had the steel and wood sides that went right up the side in one continous piece from the sill at the botttom, to the drip rail at the top of the cupola. If the cupola is set on the roof as kinda an afterthought and looks separate from the sides, it's not a GN caboose. NP and CB&Q ran some that looked like what you might describing, and so did many other roads.

How many windows does it have? And how are they arranged?

It sounds like somone took paint liberties with an old Trains caboose. The marker light logo was from "Trains" as stated before. I have some of them too.

Rich Nunn

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