Modeling the PRR/FGE R7 reefer

Bruce Smith

Eric Thur wrote:
I wanted to Kit bash a PRR R7 in FGEX.
I replied
The obvious candidate for this in HO would be the Westerfield X23.
modifications would have to include hatches and everything between
the X23
door posts.
Bill Welch then wrote:
I have to admit that I have never looked at the X23 in this way, as
I am under the impression that there are more differences than the
obvious door, hatches etc. Let me look at my X23 photos.
Bill, Eric, Folks,

I've ccc:ed this to a couple of other lists (STMFC and PRR-Talk)
because I think it has wider interest.

I looked at the photos in RPC #15 again last night along with the car
diagrams and at least superficially, I could not find any differences
other than the door arrangement, letterboard and roof hatches (and
therefore altered running boards). I'll admit that I did not count
rivets <G>, and these may be altered to reflect things like the ice
bunkers. Of note was the fact that unlike many X23s, I could not
find an R7 photo that showed a car that had been switched from
vertical to horizontal siding.

I looked more closely at my Westerfield X23, and it would be slightly
more challenging than just adding the R7 door from the CCS model
<G>. The door posts on the X23 are not made from pressed U channel
like the remaining posts. To model an R7 you need to replace these
with vertical pressed channels. I would think that you could do this
by using either a second X23 and harvesting verticals or making one
of those 2 part "clay" molds of a vertical stake on the X23 body.
Either approach would have the horizontal braces on both sides, so
you would then need to shave the brace off of one side for each


Bruce F. Smith
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