ADMIN: Message rules

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

I think it's time to again remind the members about STMFC rules regarding messages.

1. All messages must be signed with full names. If your full name is to the left of the "@" in your address as it appears in the message, that is acceptable.

2. Do not include the entire message of a message you refer to. Include only those parts you refer to.

3. Make sure the subject heading is associated with your message.

This is a friendly reminder. Regretfully, mistakes happen and always will happen. However, part of the job of head judge is to try to "enlighten" the members regarding sloppiness in our message processing. Another duty of the head judge is that of keeping the key to Moderate Jail...and, ugh...providing meal service for those in the jail. Best to stay away from there. I don't even want to visit.


Mike Brock

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