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Nolan Hinshaw

On Apr 26, 2007, at 5:20 AM, rgs0554 wrote:

Hi Folks, On the internet I ran across an archive which has preserved all sorts of early to mid
20th century promotional films. Here is the address of one film for the SP.
I once had in my hands a VHS copy of this film and the later
diesel era film; for those of us who appreciate period details
of the Espee, these films fill that bill quite well. However,
it seems that the bits at are a bit confused, and
even edited a bit -- some of the scenes I remembered from the
VHS steam edition don't appear in either part of the clips
on the web site, and it seems like both the steam and diesel
editions got interlaced.

Although titled 1940, it is probably mid-50s.
Some of both -- see above.

The 26 railroad clips - 3 New Haven, one Rock
Island etc are filed in the Prelinger Archive under Transportation - railroad. If you've not
encountered this before I think they're really neat movies of Steam- era railroading. Regards,
Don Smith
In all, aside from discrepancies that irritate nit-pickers
like me, that whole transportation archive is a treasure
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