Re: Steam Era Railroad Movies

Nolan Hinshaw

On Apr 26, 2007, at 8:53 AM, Charles Morrill wrote:

The SP made two versions of "This Is My Railroad". The first was released
in 1947 and was all steam except for some diesel switchers and the City of
S.F. The later version with mostly diesels was released in the mid-50s.
In my previous missive I forgot to mention another Espee
promotional film, "Snow on the Run", which has shots of
the City of San Francisco sticking its nose out of the
snowshed in which it was held captive one winter. That
film has stunning scenes of both rotary plows and Jordan
spreaders in action, including a close-up of what happens
when one applies too much force to a spreader while
spreading -- see one bent hydraulic ram!

Travel and industrial promotional movies were often shown in neighborhood
movie houses as the "shorts" before the feature film. This was all back in
the day of Saturday matinee and before TV of course.
I miss those days -- great cartoons, fun double bills,
newsreels, and I could get in for a quarter at the local
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