GTW Postwar Boxcar (516XXX)

Andy Cich <ajc5150@...>

I have a Branchline GTW boxcar numbered 516514 for which I am trying to get
the correct information for the details. This car has a built date of 2/53.

I have Parts 1 & 3 of the series of articles Ed Hawkins wrote for Railmodel
Journal. This article has a table that includes GTW series 51500-515499
built in 1948, but has no mention of the series I am interested in. The
table in the articles has incomplete data for the 515 series, but I found a
photo of 515668 in the 1953 CBC, and this car has 7 rung ladders and
Superior doors. Kaminski's ACF book has a photo of this same car.

I just realized Ed's articles covered the cars with the 4/4 Improved ends,
and my car has the later ends.

Having exhausted the resources I have, can anyone tell me how many rungs my
ladders should have and which doors to use? The kit comes with Youngstown


Andy Cich

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