Re: BX 100 - odd car found at Bellingham, WA

Scott Pitzer

It seems to have been certified by the State Utility & Transportation
Commission at Bellingham in 1979, if that's any help.
Scott Pitzer

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Tony Thompson wrote:
Could be a scale test car. The total weight, if accurate,
184,200 pounds, is very high and would likely reflect considerable
(scrap?) steel inside the concrete. That volume of concrete alone
NOT weigh that much. If it is just a capacity, it just reflects
Well. It was either 134 or 184 - couldn't make it out exactly.

I did mention the scale test car idea to my friend, but he thought
wouldn't be likely.

I also thought of it being an idler car for car ferries,
the ballasting with concrete seems extreme for that application.
What are those for?

There was, beside it, a fishbelly flat with a build date of (IIRC -
is too dark to make out) 1962. Perhaps that might add a clue to
what this

Frank Valoczy

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