Re: Accurate Roadnames for new release of P2K AAR Flats?

Richard Hendrickson

On Apr 29, 2007, at 2:17 PM, Ed Hawkins wrote:

On Apr 29, 2007, at 12:27 PM, ogdentowebercanyon wrote:

> Walthers has announced a new run of the Proto 2000 AAR flat cars for
> the following road names and I would like to know which ones are
> actually correct prototypes? Thanks.
> N&W
> EJ&E

The model, if painted/lettered correctly, is generally accurate for
following on the list:

ACL 77000-77471 (Class P13 and P14, 1943 by Greenville & P-S)
EJ&E 6375-6574 (1942 by Ralston)
EJ&E 6575-6774 (8-47 by AC&F)
KCS 1000-1199 (3-54 by AC&F)
M-K-T 13501-13525 (2-52 by M-K-T)
M-K-T 13701-13725 (4-54 by AC&F)

If N&W originally had any of the cars, I'm not aware of it. They may
accurate for post-1964 after N&W acquired NKP. Hope this helps.
Ed's information is correct, as usual. From the beginning, though P2K
models have had occasional errors, it has been Life-Like's, and later
Walthers', policy to not issue any P2K models in bogus paint and
lettering schemes. But modelers are slow to recognize this, perhaps
because other manufacturers are less principled in this regard.

As for N&W, they did get NKP cars through the 1964 merger and some of
them were repainted and re-lettered N&W; the models are based on
photographic evidence.

Richard Hendrickson

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