Re: BX 100 - odd car found at Bellingham, WA

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In some types of heavy yard operations braking is more
important than tractive effort. For example the former
SLSF hump in Tulsa is so arranged that the tracks they
hump off of are downhill. The power is only using
braking during the actual humping.

A "Brake Sled" is a modified car or locomotive that is
only there for it's braking power. Saves brake shoes
and wheel wear on locomotives. I'm fairly sure some
existed during the STMFC era.

While we are in this part of the country I think that
there are still a couple of SP&S 36M flats cars in barge
idler service in Vancouver BC and Seattle. Rather old

Some coal mine loading loops are downhill. This requires
that the loading be done with the locomotives in reverse.
It's called "Plug Loading". I do not think that steam
locomotives could do this but early diesels certainly
could. The now closed York Canyon Mine in New Mexico was
one example of a plug loading mine.

Russ Strodtz

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> Could this be used as a brake sled? Just a WAG on my
part.Charlie A.

And a SAQ on my part: what's a brake sled?

Frank Valoczy

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