ACF Car files - drawings


On post # 32283 on the STCF, Ed Mines, list you give mention of
ACF drawings being available at the Museum of Transportation/St.
Louis. While researching this weekend at the Minnesota Historical
Society in the Northern Pacific files, I came upon numerous
mentions of ACF drawing numbers such as the following;
"ACF 620-6335"

May I ask what your experiences, or anyone else on this list,
have been concerning the repository of drawings located there?
I would like to obtain copies of plans from requests sent via
earth mail, however a visit in person from St. Paul, MN, where I
live, to St. Louis is not out of the question if I knew some
ground rules. One other question, and again open to the list,
has anyone researched the Barringer Collection located at the
Mercantile Library in St. Louis.
Experiences in researching there requested.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and have a good day,
James Dick
Northern Pacific Rwy. Historical Assoc.

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