Mystery Brass Caboose

Justin Kahn

Cudgeling my aged memory, I think the importer was Trains Ltd (or Inc) and was located in Chicago; I am not clear whether they were in any way associated with Con-Cor. Their imports used white or cream boxes, and included a C&NW 0-6-0 and B&O wagontop boxcar, among other items (both of which I once had), and an EMD cow-and-calf switcher set.

Jace Kahn, General Manager
Ceres and Canisteo RR Co.

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I have a caboose (sans box) I acquired along the line as part of a

Though painted and lettered for Great Northern (X271), it doesn't match up
against anything GN I've found in my library.

On the bottom of the caboose is a piece of Brass with a marker light inked
on it. I recognize this emblem as the symbol of one of the importers, but
for the life of me I can't recollect who's symbol that is. Any clues?

The caboose itself represents a steel caboose, body about 30 - 31 feet.
Cupola is slightly off center toward the back and is the same width as the
caboose. Front and back of the cupola have wide spread square windows with
raised lip representing a seal. Side windows on cupola are smaller, square,
widely spaced front to back. Drip "eave" above windows on both sides of
cupola. Body has three windows on each side - one halfway between rear edge
of cupola and end of body - two close together half way between cupola and
front of caboose. These body window are separate casting and they include
rivet or bolt detail around the frames of the windows. Smoke stack in right
rear corner of car. Pair of marker lamps on one end of car and brackets for
marker lamps at the other. Underbody details are pretty basic; brake valve,
cylinder, reservoir, train line and tool box. "Japan" stamped lightly on
underside of floor.

It shares some design characteristics with GN X31 - 40 most notably the
cupola, but is way off in other features.

Any help out there, at least id'ing the Manufacturer based on the Marker
Light symbol?
Steve Haas
Sammamish, WA

I have a very early brass GN waycar with box. It is PFM.
The paint on it is a heavy thick coat. Sorry I can't get
at it right now. I think my mother actually bought it in
Japan. Also have two GN passenger cars of the same era,
also PFM.
I do not recall the marker light symbol but have not seen
it in at least 20 years.

Russ Strodtz
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