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Trains Inc. was a hobby shop on West Diversey Avenue in Chicago.
One of the principals of the shop was Harry Hagerman. He and wife Betty befriended
Jim Conway. Jim's first location for Con-Cor was next door to Trains, Inc.. The second
was in Bensenville, just west of ORD..

Independent and mostly prior to JMC/Con-Cor Trains Inc., imported brass from Japan.
The item in
question sounds like it may be a Q NE12 waycar, but I'm not sure that they did that
They did do a Q wood waycar. The NE12 has a streamlined, slanted contour offset
cupola on a
welded seam roof and carbody. Some GN prototype cars were also produced so it may
be one of them.

Harry and Betty ended up working for JMC and Con-Cor after Trains, Inc. was closed;
Betty as a clerk
in the office (later as accountant and office manager) and Harry as a telephone salesman
for the distribution
to Hobby Shops. Both have passed away and JMC was closed down and the remaining
inventory and
business shipped down to Con-Cor's Tucson, AZ location.

Charlie Vlk
(JMC/Con-Cor Alumnus)
And, of course, Jim is also in the process of retiring.

Brian Ehni
(one-time dealer for Con-Cor)

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