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On post # 32283 on the STCF, Ed Mines, list you give mention of
ACF drawings being available at the Museum of Transportation/St.
Louis. James Dick
James - You might want to contact Ed Hawkins, a list member, re the
drawings you are asking about.

Have you run across any files or drawings (other than diagram
book page drawings) of the Great Northern 40' single-sheathed boxcars
in series GN #31000 - #31300 at the Minnesota Historical Society? I
obtained some GN diagram book copies and steam loco erecting drawing
copies from them a good 30 years ago, but they did not have anything
on this class of GN boxcars then. The cars were still in service
back when GN donated material to them! They were the only GN single-
sheathed 40' cars. The underframes were constructed by the Pressed
Steel Car Co. and the "box" was made by GN, as I recall, back in 1930
or so. A.T. Kott

A.T., I have not seen these, however this evening when at the
joint NP/GN archives at the Jackson Street Roundhouse of the Minn.
Transportation Museum, I will ask John or Jim, two of the GN fellows
about the car.
Also Allen, thanks for the words on the Mercantile Library.
More on that later if I can find the time.
Jim Dick

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