Mystery Caboose

Justin Kahn

More than I ever knew (let alone remember) about Trains; now that you mention it, I am pretty sure they did import a CB&Q wood waycar in HO. So far as I know, all their imports were in HO.
Jace Kahn

Trains Inc. was a hobby shop on West Diversey Avenue in Chicago.
One of the principals of the shop was Harry Hagerman. He and wife Betty befriended young
Jim Conway. Jim's first location for Con-Cor was next door to Trains, Inc.. The second location
was in Bensenville, just west of ORD..

Independent and mostly prior to JMC/Con-Cor Trains Inc., imported brass from Japan. The item in
question sounds like it may be a Q NE12 waycar, but I'm not sure that they did that model.
They did do a Q wood waycar. The NE12 has a streamlined, slanted contour offset cupola on a
welded seam roof and carbody. Some GN prototype cars were also produced so it may be one of them.

Harry and Betty ended up working for JMC and Con-Cor after Trains, Inc. was closed; Betty as a clerk
in the office (later as accountant and office manager) and Harry as a telephone salesman for the distribution
to Hobby Shops. Both have passed away and JMC was closed down and the remaining inventory and
business shipped down to Con-Cor's Tucson, AZ location.

Charlie Vlk
(JMC/Con-Cor Alumnus)
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