Re: GN 31000 Series Box cars

Richard Hendrickson

On May 2, 2007, at 3:45 PM, proto48er (A. T. Kott) wrote:

When we researched the car, it became evident that the earliest GN
folio diagram for this series may have had some errors in it. We
came to the conclusion that the cars were originally built with AB
brakes and Youngstown steel doors, in spite of diagram info to the
contrary. By 1931, all cars had AB brakes and steel doors, and
subsequent revisions of the GN folio drawings indicated such. That
is another unanswered question concerning these cars - if they had
wood doors and K brakes, WHY would the entire 500-car series be
changed in just 3 years? Sometimes you just can't trust diagram
True, but it's still more trustworthy than the captions in many "XYZ
Freight Cars in Color" books!

In this case, the cars certainly were NOT originally equipped with AB
air brakes, nor did they have AB brakes in 1931, for the simple reason
that AB brakes hadn't been developed at the time the cars were built
and were still highly experimental in 1931. AB brake equipment didn't
become available for general application to either new or used freight
cars until ca. 1933.

The doors, on the other hand, were almost certainly corrugated steel
when the cars were new. Wood doors were largely out of favor with most
RRs by the late 1920s and, as you say, it's unlikely that steel doors
would have been applied in place of wood doors only three years after
the cars were built.

Richard Hendrickson

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