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Thank you. Will continue to add more drawings as I find
those that look interesting.


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I very much enjoyed your makeing these drawings available. They
were all new to me. Haven't had such a nice time since I was
admitted to the drawing room of the GN (BN at that time) St. Cloud
shops some time in the 1980's.

Staffan Ehnbom

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For those actually interested have made available GN 2443.
It was scanned in two parts. Each page is around 45" X 25".
You need to view at least at 50% to see everything and it's
only perfect at 100%. I use PhotoShop CS2 and the "Hand Tool"
makes it easy to move around in.

If someone ambitious feels like merging the two halves feel
free to do so and possibly share after you are done.

Where? At:

There is a "STMFC" link.
User ID: User
Password: Illinois

Both are just as I typed them above with first letter upper

Russ Strodtz

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