Re: GN 31000-31300 series: Double- or single-sheathed?

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I am not going to stick my neck far enough out to say
that Camel did not make doors at all but I can not recall
that name being connected with anything but hardware on
any road.

Didn't Staffan Ehnbom Just mention that the GNHS has a photo of one of
these cars with a wood door?

I just took a quick look at the Camel pages in the 1922 CBC, and find
descriptions and drawings of three different doors: The Camel No. 30
Door, The Camel No. 32 Door, and The Camel No. 50 Door. Modelers, even
the experts, often want to describe these as "wood doors with Camel
hardware", but the text makes it quite clear that Camel was supplying
complete doors; the steel frames, the wood in-fill, and the hardware
and brackets. Therefore, an entry of "Camel door" on a diagram sheet
is perfectly logical, and I would interpret an entry of "Camel
hardware" to mean that the builder, rather than Camel, fabricated the

That is the biggest problem I've found with equipment diagrams; the
spaces are small, and are often lettered long after the fact by the
junior draftsman in the department, working from notes. If the notes
say the roof is Murphy and the doors Camel, that's what he letters in,
without any other indication of what TYPE of Murphy roof or Camel
doors. That information existed elsewhere in the company files, now
mostly lost.


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