Re: GN 31000-31300 series: Double- or single-sheathed?

Russ Strodtz <sheridan@...>


I will try and keep that door issue in mind as I look
thru this stuff.

Errors: Yes, they are made. 2394, the sill step file,
has one page with a modification that says they
corrected the drawing to match what was on the car.

New files: 65227 tells you how to convert a flat car
to a TOFC ramp. Would think that a competent B&B man
could figure that one out in his head.
66006 thru 66008 tells you how to convert box cars to
tie flats and scrap cars without wasting the original
steel ends. A penny saved is a penny earned and the GN
did have quite a collection of box cars.

Another comment: Looked carefully at the equipment
inventory and could find no sign that any of the
31000-31499 series had been converted into anything

A NOTE TO ALL: Other than on this group my name has no
connection in any way with ANY of the files. If you wish
to publish or give anything to a manufacturer then
CONTACT ME FIRST. I will allow it but I will want to
give you another name and know where it is going.


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Hi Russ,

I agree with your point ...

I have several GN diagram books and in preparing book I used
information from original source materail like diagram books,
files, maintenance records, plans, etc. I noticed
between the documents regarding definitions of some details.
not all of this documentation was available for every car series
there were situations where information was not complete.

The Camel door issue is one where the definition appears to be
inconsistent between company documents. In the GN diagram books
on some GN company car plans what appears to be youngstown door
referenced as a Camel door?

Scott Thompson

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