Re: seam caps with rivets


All my models are in storage so I can't look at the 2 side by side. The
roof with riveted seem caps should look slightly different than a roof
with rivet-free seem caps.


--- In STMFC@..., timboconnor@... wrote:
The old IMWX, now Red Caboose, 40 foot rectangular panel roof is
the best one ever done by anybody in HO scale. Why indeed would
anyone want to replace it with an inferior version? ( And ALL others
are inferior, plastic or resin or brass. ) &
"benjaminfrank_hom" <b.hom@...> wrote
Why bother? The Tichy roof is markedly inferior; in fact, Ted
replaced the one on his PMcK&Y/P&LE rebuilt USRA SS boxcar model
a Red Caboose roof. See the July 2004 issue of Railroad Model

Ben Hom

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