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The CSRM still offers photos from their collection. I recently purchased three prints, and the total bill with shipping was $50. IIRC, the printing charge for 5 X 7s was about $11 each, plus the cost have having a negative made for one of the prints (something like $10 extra). The prints arrived at my house in about two weeks. The print quality was very good, and the service was superb. I think the price was quite reasonable.

They will take orders by e-mail or by phone, and accept credit cards, checks or (in person) cash.

I don't know how much they charge for publication royalties, but I think that's extra.

I believe photocopies are still .25 each, though large sizes are probably cost more.

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Garth G. Groff

ed_mines wrote:

10 years or so ago I sent the aforementioned museum a list of freight cars I wanted photos of and they sent me back a letter telling me which ones they had.

They sent me photocopies of prints that they had for a very reasonable price ($0.25 each I think) and I ordered prints after eyeballing the photocopies. I was very happy with the prints.

I don't know if they still do this.

The reasons prints are so expensive from libraries compared to vendors like Bob's Photos is that they send the negatives out to be processed,
the photo processor makes a profit, the museum takes a few bucks for themselves (not unreasonable to expect me to pay part of the salary of the person doing the research)and the customer indirectly pays for sending the negatives by insured mail.

I sent similar inquiries to other museums too. It's hard to believe that I found a couple dozen photos I was looking for in the Kline-
Culotta book 10 years later. I'm still looking for photos!


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