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Tony sure is right about this!

It took me 9 years and a change of employees at the Athenaeum
(Philadelphia) to get a photocopy of the "The 2-6-0 Mogul on the
Southern Pacific".

After getting it, I found it wasn't worth the time and energy I put in
to get it. (Not the library's fault, it is really miss titled! - half a
page of text, 1 picture of an SP mogul, and 1 of a PE mogul, out of 41

Peter J. McClosky

Anthony Thompson wrote:

This does raise the important point that personalities of
archives ARE their personnel. A retirement or other departure can
greatly alter what you thought you knew about a place--for better or
worse. They may claim it's "just policy" but IMO it's really
personality driven in most cases, and again, for better or worse.

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