Re: California state RR museum

Tim O'Connor

Garth, do they have a catalog, or do you have to (can you?) browse
the CSRM photo collection? I want to visit someday but I'd like to know
how much time I'll have to allocate to find SP freight car and locomotive

Tim O'Connor

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From: "Garth G. Groff" <ggg9y@...>

The CSRM still offers photos from their collection. I recently purchased
three prints, and the total bill with shipping was $50. IIRC, the
printing charge for 5 X 7s was about $11 each, plus the cost have having
a negative made for one of the prints (something like $10 extra). The
prints arrived at my house in about two weeks. The print quality was
very good, and the service was superb. I think the price was quite

They will take orders by e-mail or by phone, and accept credit cards,
checks or (in person) cash.

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