Re: GN 31000-31300 series: Double- or single-sheathed?

Steve Haas

Ross Strodtz commented:

"This was S.O.P. on GN, even with locomotives. The first locomotives
they bought new after 1960 were the SD45's.
Everything prior was just re-builds."

This statement is totally in error with regards to GN Diesel power.

While numerous early first generation GN diesels (that hauled a whole lot of
Steam Era Freight Cars) were traded in on post 1960 diesels (that also
hauled Steam Era Freight Cars, but not as many) they were _NOT_ rebuilt into
the new units GN purchased.

Post 1960 GN diesel purchase were new, not rebuilt units. It is true that
some of the components salvaged off first generation diesels were
re-manufactured and _possibly_ used on these new GN units, the new units
were not re-builds of the older units in any sense of the word.

I realize this has gotten quickly beyond the scope of the list. However, one
reason the list exists is to uncover the truth about Steam Era Freight Cars.
Hopefully that search for the truth extends to the engines that may have
pulled them. An incorrect statement needs to be refuted where it is made -
even if it does land me in moderator jail for a while.

Which cell shall I lock myself into Mike?

Steve Haas
Sammamish, WA

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