Re: GN 31000-31300 series: Double- or single-sheathed?

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Steve Haas writes:

"I realize this has gotten quickly beyond the scope of the list. However, one
reason the list exists is to uncover the truth about Steam Era Freight Cars.
Hopefully that search for the truth extends to the engines that may have
pulled them." it does not. Sorry.

"An incorrect statement needs to be refuted where it is made -
even if it does land me in moderator jail for a while."

Well...actually....the last part is possibly true. Depends on how many messages this mistake of yours generates. And, it depends on whether or not I can recall where I left the key to that cell out back in the woods. The others are being cleaned [ first time in 5 yrs ].

Mike Brock

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