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Not that easy to buy anything without any communication
from your end. I'll pass, was in the mood but mood has
changed from "Buy" to "Hold".


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Subject: [STMFC] Steam-era Freight cars and locomotives for sale

Have the following HO Freight Car kits for sale:

Proto 2000 8000 gal. tank cars $9 ea. (road names to follow)
Proto 2000 Mather Stock cars $9 ea. undecorated
Accurail 70-ton open hopper $6 ea. Various roads, w/Accumate
Westerfield 50' Auto Box $15, original box
Westerfield Fowler Box $15, original box
Westerfield Fowler Box $12, Not original box

Also, a steam engine or two:
Roundhouse 2-8-0: $50, undecorated, looks complete except for
set of cylinders

Roundhouse 4-6-0: $60, Painted and lettered for North Arkansas
modifications not quite complete on tender, photos on request

Athearn Genesis USRA 2-8-2: $80, halfway to a Midland Valley
prototype, photos on request

Shipping on all items is $5 for the first, $2 each additional.

Will have more items very soon, including decals and other cars.
Again, more details will be offered on the items if you need it.
Hoping to avoid the headache of eBay. Thanks for looking!

Brad Bourbina

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