Single sheathed ventilator cars?

laramielarry <ostresh@...>

Lee Singletary, on the L&N list, sent me the following information:

"In my copy of a L&N Freight Car Record Book from 1955 7500-7999 were
originally built as single sheathed cars with steel ends and
underframe. 100 of the cars were rebuilt in 1941 into steel sided
double door auto box cars with end doors and renumbered 46900-46999.
84 cars were rebuilt in 1940 and 1941 into steel sided single door
cars and renumbered 94200-94283. 5 cars were modified in 1953 and
1954 to become ventilated box cars and renumbered 7500-7504. The
remainder of the cars were still wood single sheathed."

In a subsequent post, Lee provided an L&N equipment diagram that
clearly shows 7500-7504 as single sheathed ventilator cars.

I think that single sheathed ventilator cars are rare. Does anyone
know of any others?

Larry Ostresh
Laramie, Wyoming

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