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June MR has a spot in the News & Products section of a Soo Line single-
sheathed boxcar from Sunshine. Is this different than the old Storzak
kit now reissued by Speedwich or a different car?

Jerry Glow

It's a different car(s).

The Speedwitch Models car is my old car, now combined into a one piece
body and an improved underframe. It models the cars with 5' doors,
wood sheathed ends, and fishbelly center sills built by ACF, H&B, and
Pullman in 1920, '21, and '23. See:


The Sunshine cars are a new effort, with patterns by Frank Houdina.
They are flat kits and model the cars built in the later twenties by
Pullman and Siems-Stembel that had 6' doors, radial roofs, steel ends,
and straight center sills. Prior to these kits, these cars were not
easy to model accurately.

Kit #78.1 models the cars built by Pullman in 1926 with wood doors and
corrugated ends. It comes with a decal set having the proper WC 13xxxx
series numbers

Kit #78.3 models the cars built in 1928 and '29 with top supported
Youngstown doors and dreadnaught ends and comes with decals having the
proper Soo 40200 – 41798 numbers.

I don't exactly know what Martin intended with Kit #78.2. Mine came
with the steel doors and WC decal sheet. I think he intends it to be
the cars built in 1930 and assigned to the WC, but those cars had
BOTTOM supported Youngstown doors, which the kit does not. The decals
have enough numbers to to do these cars, but only have the 1926 built
dates. Maybe Frank can chime in here if he's reading this list.


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