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Thanks Dave, I've met Don before, I'm inquiring for a friend. He's
been waiting a year for Micro Scale to rerun a decal set. They did.
He bought $120 worth only to find out they screwed up the artwork.
Seems the new owers have issues. So, he wants to pursue having them
custom done.
Clark Propst

Clark Probst cepropst@... wrote:
Anybody know how to get a hold of a custom decal guy from
Wisconsin I
believe his name is something like Manlick, but I'm sure I

Its Don Manlick. Does good work. His address is:

Donald Manlick
2127 S 11-th
Manitowoc, WI, 54220
(920) 684-8688

Give him a call - he is a good guy.

Dave Allen

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