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Dennis has several photos of Soo sawtooth boxcars in the STMFPH Files section. "1929 roof.jpg shows that Z bar. I think.

Brian Leppert
Carson City

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I am struggling with placing the doors on a SOO Sunshine 78.3 Kit. This is the kit that models SOO series cars #40200-41798, built in 1928-29, with top supported Youngstown doors, Dreadnaught ends.

I only have the photo in the kit's Prototype Data Sheet to work with and it is not real sharp, but I am not sure the Sunshine side casting is correct for this series car. In the photo, I do not see the very distinct flat plate side projection, or the "leg" of a Z bar at the top of the truss. If this series does have this distinct SOO feature, then the roof seems to have a greater side overhang where the door track can stuck under the roof.

The Sunshine side casting for kit 78.3 is the exactly same one as in the kit 78.1, but the prototype photos seem to tell another story.

Yours, or any other listers help will be appreciated.

Paul Lyons
Laguna Niguel, CA

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