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Thanks for the info. On CB&Q wheel reports were from the
rear end but setout lists were supposed to be from the
head end. Conductors had to do a lot of writing.

My observations:

X3569: Line 18 BREX 24782 is a bad number. Might be ART
or SFRD but not BREX. Think the WFEX behind is has been
mentioned by someone else. MDT 41825 would certainly be
a relic. FGEX 108999? Either wrong initials or an extra
number, probably a PFE car.

X1451: Line 28 "URTS" should be "URTX". Line 36 GN 31317,
think those cars have been discussed enough! Lines 60 thru
70 are questionable. Must be mostly PFE's.


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Thanks to those who responded with the answer
tonnage" to my question. I uploaded an Excel spreadsheet of
entries in the Union Pacific Conductor's Train Book to the Files
section (DeBoieConductorBook.xls). Twelve trains are listed for
1951 between Huntington - LaGrande - Reith, but complete wheel
reports are only listed for three (1947-1949). One other train
has a
partial list.
Of the three complete reports, X3596 (2-8-8-0) is an
with mostly fruit reefers. X3522 (2-8-8-0) is a westbound with
mostly coal, and X1451 (F3A phase III)is eastbound with about
empties and 30% loaded reefers. Only 10 cars are listed for one
the trains X1550 (F3A phase IV), which I found on a switchlist
and a
train order rather than the Conductor's book.
Tim Gilbert suggested that this book may have been a copy
Conductor made for his personal use. That might explain why the
record is incomplete and there are so few trains over the time
Still, I'll take what I can get.
Those STMFC members interested in consists, or interested
modeling the UP in the late 1940's will especially value the
Don't hesitate to contact me off-line if you find questionable
entries that may be due to my typographical error or the
penmanship. I'd also be interested in your impressions and
about the consist - either to the group or off-line. One thing
noticed is steam helping diesels, diesels helping diesels, and
diesels helping steam.

Larry Fink
Renton, Washington

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